About Us

Hello there, welcome to chouhype®

Chouhype is an online clothing store inspired by japanese street fashion and anime culture.
We started the company in October 2019 when we decided we wanted to share our passion of the Japanese culture and the subcultures within, for example Anime and Manga.

Chou written in Japanese as: 超. Chou is Japanese word slang that stands for: ''Super''
Actually our story about how we came up with the name is pretty corny.
We were always saying how hype we were when we were traveling to Japan, or when a new manga volume or anime episode release dropped.
So we decided to come up with the name ''Superhype'' ''Chouhype'' so we could share our hype with other fans of the Japanese culture all over the world.

We see a little growth in the community of Chouhype and we would love to see more.
You can always check out our Facebook and Instagram page for more information about new releases, events or sales etc.

Enjoy our webshop. ^-^